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CCG - Printing

Museum Quality Photographical Prints

25 August 2009

Regardless of whether the image you bring us is in analog or digital form, we can guarantee that the result you receive will be exactly what you asked for!

Our goal, as well as yours, is to print, in the best possible way, the image that you have photographed. With your cooperation, the use of the most up-to-date 12 colour inkjet printers, and a selection of the finest photographic papers in the world, we can produce images up to 150 cm in width, like you’ve never seen them before.

We collaborate with photographers and galleries throughout Europe.

Reproducing Works of Art - Giclee

25 August 2009

The most important part of the entire reproduction process of an image is the digitization of the original or prototype. When you entrust a professional with reproducing an image, and the first thing he/she does is question which printer or which printing material to use, then the most important link in the chain is already lost..

A high quality digital file can be printed well, even on a bad printer, whereas a poor quality digital file doesn’t have any hope, even with the best printer. (Garbage in, garbage out – GIGO rule)

The Cruse Scanner at CCG ensures the best digital scanning of the prototype that technology offers today.

Certain issues follow, such as: choice of printing system, choice of ink, printing surfaces, file processing, colour management, Rip, colour profiling, printing protection, finishing, and many more.

At Colour Consulting Group, we reproduce works of art for museums, institutions, galleries, monasteries, and independent artists. With the experience of over 5,000 reproductions under our belt, we can guarantee a result which is quite difficult to discern from the original

For printing, we use the most up-to-date technological equipment, which we update regularly. We use ink and printing surfaces from the best companies in the world, which guarantee a life span of over 100 years for your reproductions. For closed series, there is the possibility of producing a certified, authentic reproduction with a unique serial number.

Contract Proofs

25 August 2009

In our lab, we produce certified digital proofs or contract proofs, based on ISO12647 for offset printing. CCG is a member of Fogra since 2008, and is the sole representative of Mellow Colour. We have implemented colour management procedures in printing offices throughout Greece.

All contract proofs are accompanied by a system check of segmentation as well as the analytical report of measurements. We produce proofs for Velvet/Illustration paper, writing paper and newspapers.

Overseeing of Offset Printing

12 December 2009

Stratis Vogiatzis
«Inner World, Mastichochoria»

At Colour Consulting Group, we undertake the responsibility of overseeing and monitoring the entire production process of your artistic album.

We take care to maintain the highest quality standards in the graphic arts world with the goal being a controlled and steady production. We have the ability to create custom colour profiles suitable to the most particular artistic paper.

We can guarantee that the result of your proof, approved by you, will be the same in your offset production.


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