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CCG - News - Dimitris Fatouros: A Retrospective Exhibition at the Benaki Museum

Dimitris Fatouros: A Retrospective Exhibition at the Benaki Museum

130 chronologically ordered works of the architect and professor, Dimitris Fatouros, will be presented at the Benaki Museum from September 30th, until November 1st.

According to the curator of the exhibition, Professor Loei Papadopoulos, the organization of the exhibit is very important, because it presents the creation of modern architectural identity through the eyes of an important innovator, who deals with architecture as if it were the human body.

«Architecture, as a continual creation of forms of life of human society, searches for the continual and discontinual with its journeys, and unfolds its own initiatives through the circumstances of today’s new reality», says Mr. Papadopoulos.

Dimitris Fatouros, who finished his architectural studies in 1952 at the National Technical University, continues to participate in the international dialogue for architecture and the training of architects. In his career, he encountered art, every day politics and every day life, as well as discussions concerning the foundational situations of symbiosis and happiness of human society.

Large and small buildings, texts concerning expression and demands, analytical proposals, initiatives for special actions, insistence in the dialogue of the multiplicity of architecture and its reason, unbreakable composition of the poetic and scientific world, as a creative suggestion of technological effusion.

Like this quest, the exhibit is a suggestion in continual process.

Location: Benaki Museum

Duration of Exhibition: 30/09/2009 until 01/11/2009


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