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CCG - News - Earth: Traces

Earth: Traces

Cedric Delsaux 

Cedric Delsaux (Γαλλία)

Nikos Danielides

Nikos Danielides

Pétur Thomsen 

Pétur Thomsen (Ισλανδία)

Hector Dimisianos

Hector Dimisianos

The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography presents its second exhibition of the cycle “The Four Elements of Nature and Man”, which opened last year with the exhibition “Water-Currents”.

The photographic exhibition “Earth: Traces” is organized by the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography in cooperation with the Swiss bank Pictet and Candlestar (London), producer of the Pictet Award. The curators of the exhibition are Gabriel Bauret and Vangelis Ioachimidis. The exhibition is composed of 100 works of 25 artists from 19 countries.

The exhibition is composed of two parts:

In one part, there are the works of 12 photographers chosen as finalists for the Pictet Award, and they are:

Darren Almond (Great Britain), Christopher Anderson (Canada), Sammy Baloji (Republic of Congo), Edward Burtynsky (Canada), Andreas Gursky (Germany), Naoya Hatakeyama (Japan), Nadav Kander (Israel), Ed Kashi (U.S.A.), Abbas Kowsari (Iran), Yao Lu (China), Edgar Martins (Portugal), Chris Steele-Perkins (Myanmar).

The production of the works of this part are funded by the Swiss bank “Pictet & Cie”, organizer of the Pictet Award, which is an international photography award dedicated to sustainable development. In a special ceremony which took place in Paris in October, and at which many important representatives from all over the world met, the Pictet Award was awarded by the former General Secretary of the UN, Kofi Annan, the honorary president of the Award. First Prize (100,000 Swiss francs) was given to Nadav Kander -

In the department of the Prix Pictet, there are works which display areas from every corner of the earth, as well as changes resulting from its urban and geopolitical exploitation.

In the other exhibition department, a production of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, there are the works of 13 Greek and foreign artists, who “converse”, each one through his own personal style, with the photographers of the Pictet Award on the subject of “Earth”. Specifically presented are the works of:

Antonio Biasiucci (Italy), Elina Brotherus (Finland), Simon Burch (Ireland), Thibaut Cuisset (France), Cédric Delsaux (France), Romain Girtgen (Luxembourg), Lisa Nguyen (Vietname), Pétur Thomsen (Iceland), Nikos Danielidis, Hector Dimisianou, Hara Kakaroucha, Dimitri Kilalou, Effie Tsakraklidou (Greece).

Touched upon, is the subject of history, globalization, and the directed beauty of the environment itself as a primary source of creation. The organic relationship which connects the artists with the earth and the visual source they choose to observe what surrounds them, both serve as elements which characterize the work and its text.

Location: Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

Duration of Exhibition: 19/12/09 until 28/02/10


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