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CCG - Image Processing

Digital Image Processing

10 December 2009

Stratis Vogiatzis «Ta Mastichochoria»

With the goal being the best possible printable result, we provide the processing capability of your digital files--colour and tonal correction, retouching, enlargements, background processing, preparations of files for offset and creation. Processing can be done with us upon appointment.

Our services are trusted by photographers, advertisement companies, graphic arts ateliers, publishers, and artists throughout Greece.

Colour and Tonal Corrections

31 December 2009

Ignatiadis Konstantinos

Learn everything now, and you will see later that nothing is wasted”

Hugh of Saint-Victor (12th century)

When photographs are taken under different lighting situations, we observe that they have slight colour and tonal differences according to the lighting source.

At CCG we use developed methods of evaluating colour precision of the photograph so that we can apply the appropriate colour and tonal corrections. We use highly developed techniques in order to balance out digital images, remove unwanted shades, and produce the desired result.

With your cooperation, we aim to produce images as you’ve never seen them before!


30 December 2009

When offering high quality analysis digital files, the ability to restore damages also rises in quality. The increasing demand for enlarging prototypes of photographs, works of art, and icons, for analytical purposes, creates larger demands for master retouching.

Background Separation

31 December 2009

Nikos Triantafyllou «Mum round the clock»

One of the most difficult and tiring tasks performed on a digital image is the separation of an item from its background (background separation). In high analysis files, this task is performed with extreme accurateness, showing all the details of the outline of the object.

Digital Art

31 December 2009

Maria Kompatsiari

Digital art is constantly growing in popularity. Many times, it is necessary for us to become “your hands” for the creation of a work that you have imagined and need help in manifesting. Our computer screen becomes a canvas and the possibilities are endless!


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