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CCG - Finishing


19 October 2009

By finishing, we mean whatever process follows the exit of the paper or canvas from the printer, i.e.: cutting, fixing, signing, attaching, framing, storage, etc. At CCG, we manage all of these tasks with the highest quality standards, befitting our printing work, just like works of art!

We can also frame your canvas, attach your images to k-fix aluminum, d-bond, plexiglass, and Forex. All prints are delivered protected.


23 November 2011

This presentation technique is being produced with the combination of a photographic print and Acrylic Glass. Using a specific lamination film we have an airproof result without air bubbles.

With this method we obtain, the reduction of the light reflection which is often noticeable in conventional framing techniques, increased sharpness, enhanced dynamic range. When light penetrates the acrylic glass the light perception is entirely different than that of conventional prints displayed behind normal framing glass.

The result - An extremely direct image!

The back is also from black or white acrylic glass, width 3mm. The hanging system keeps the image in distance from the wall, offering an exceptional feeling!


24 December 2009

Strong and Modern material for mounting. The choice of Museums and hi-class artists, especially for large format photo mounting. Available in black, grey and white, comes with aluminium frame for hanging. The thickness of the material is 3mm or 4mm and the width we can mount is up to 140cm.


24 December 2009

One of the most well-known attachment materials for presentations in outside spaces. It is available in black and gray (classic), in 5 mm and 10 mm. It is an economical and rather light attachment method, and the suspension is carried out with the help of special hooks attached to your work.


24 December 2009

Material made from white PVC in various thicknesses, ranging from 3 mm to 20 mm. Forex is a smooth surface and in combination with its light weight, it is ideal for a variety of attachments. Its suspension can be accomplished with specialized hooks or with the use of spacers/fasteners.


30 December 2009

An ecological and economical material - plywood – available in different thicknesses. Give a different feeling to your images. It is the ideal material for the attachment of icons.


26 December 2009

Whether painting or photography, canvas is a classic artistic surface. We can frame in thicknesses of 25 mm, 35 mm, or Box 60 mm.


24 December 2009

Νίκος Αλεξίου «The End»
Ελληνική συμμετοχή Biennale Βενετίας 2006

In cases where a photographic exhibition needs to be moved, we offer durable packaging for a smooth and safe journey!!!


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