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CCG - Digitization

Large Format Scanning

19 October 2009

With the goal of the highest quality in the scanning of a 2D image, CCG has been using the Cruse Fine Art Scanner since 2005.

We scan works of art, books, sensitive objects, historical jpgs, icons, glass plaques, old photographs, and anything else that can be placed on the 120x180 cm scanning surface of the Cruse Scanner.

The Cruse Scanner scans every object with exceptional geometric precision, high analysis, which reaches up to 1:1 in 1900ppi, a unique scanning of mass and texture, colour quality, and digital files of up to 2.4Gb 16bit. It is not a problem if the original work of art has a frame or is covered in glass. There is no other technology which matches the analysis and image quality produced by the Cruse Scanner. The lighting used is cold and there is no danger of heat or UV exposure. The result is a digital image that is quite difficult to decipher from its original!

The digital image files produced are in the form of Tiff. They are processed at 300ppi in 1:1 of the prototype at 16 bit colour information and in the colour field of Adobe RGB. They are saved on DVDs or on external HD. Digital files of works of art can be accompanied by a printed sample on a large selection of selected fine art files of printing material.

The quality of the Cruse Scanner has been trusted by museums, foundations, artists, and large industries throughout the world. Colour Consulting Group is the sole representative of Cruse Digital Imaging GmbH in Greece and Cyprus.

Film Scanning

19 October 2009

For the digitization of slides and negatives, CCG uses the finest quality Virtual Drum Scanners in the world, X1 & X5 of Hasselblad.

We specialize in the digitization of large collections in ideal times and prices. We scan all dimensions, ranging from 35mm x 24mm up to 130mm x 180mm, with speeds up to 300Mb / min.

Max optical resolution: 35mm - 8000 ppi, 60mm - 3200 ppi, 90mm - 3200 ppi, 130mm - 2040 ppi

All digital files are produced in Tiff or Raw forms, in high quality analysis, at 16bit, while there is also the possibility of metadata introduction and colour processing. Our scanners give you the opportunity to scan your negative and slides “once and forever”.

With the guarantee of Hasselblad equipment, the quality of CCG services, and the lowest possible cost in Europe.


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