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Colour Management

In many ways, communicating with colour presents problems similar to those present when communicating in different languages. When someone who speaks French tries to communicate with someone who speaks Chinese, there is a problem and the message is not transferred accurately, if at all. Even people who speak the same language use different dialects. What is needed is a common communication framework capable of translating both language and dialect, so that the accurate transfer of information is ensured. The same applies to colour management.

The solution came from the International Colour Consortium, which promoted a communication framework and colour management using digital means (ICC Colour Management Framework). Colour management ensures a framework of colour communication between machines, software, and the user. Like an interpreter, colour management accurately translates the colour message in each stage of its reproduction, ensuring the analogical transfer of digital information.

The Colour Consulting Group is, from 2005, the first and only company in Greece focusing specifically on colour management and its implementation in the graphic arts industry. With a great deal of experience in the application of photography, image processing, and all of the current methods of printing - Inkjet (Pigmented, Solvent, UV), chemical photography (Minilabs, Durst), Offset, Flexo, Gravure – we share and transfer our technical knowledge by offering consultative and training seminars.

Our services have been trusted by photographers, graphic designers, digital file managers, digital printers and printing offices throughout Greece and Europe.

From 2008, Colour Consulting Group has introduced the Greek graphic arts to international printing prototypes. It prepares, parameterizes, and trains the prepress and press departments so that they correspond to the international prototype ISO12647. It doesn’t stop there—we also propose procedures and the use of specialized applications with the goal being the daily monitoring of the colour management system by the users themselves.

The goal of a professional colour consultant is to ensure that the users know what is happening and why, and how to intervene.

All the procedures are carried out under strict scientific criteria. Digital technology has given us the ability to measure everything. “If you can measure something, you can manage it, and if you can manage it, you can reproduce it.”

In this rapidly growing profession, we take care to keep ourselves updated and well-informed of new developments in cooperation with international institutions, training seminars, and colleagues from all over the world. The colour consultant and director of training of Colour Consulting Group is Antonis Granis -MSc in Digital Colour Imaging.


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